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CSX OCS, CSXT 9993, Selkirk, New York

CSX OCS, CSXT 9993, Selkirk, New York

SnOCS. CSX P901-06 departed Selkirk Yard in Selkirk, NY on the morning of Thursday, February 6, 2020. This train included one of CSX’s recently rebuilt F40s, as well as 2 cars recently painted into a B&O style scheme. The overnight snow adds a winter feel to what has otherwise been a mild season.
CSXT 9993 (F40PH-3)
CSXT 9992 (F40PH-2)
CSXT 994363 "Kentucky"
CSXT 994310 "West Virginia"
CSXT 994315 "Indianna"
CSXT 994525 "Tennessee"
CSXT 994011 "Michael J. Ward"
CSXT 994317 "Baltimore"
CSXT 994307 "E. Hunter Harrison"
CSXT 994010 "New York"
CSXT 994009 "Alabama"