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New York, Westchester and Boston Exhibit (NYWB)

New York, Westchester and Boston Exhibit (NYWB)

Photos taken August 16, 2009

The New York, Westchester and Boston Railway (NYWB) or New York, Westchester and Arcara for those that knew the unofficial historian of the NYW&B Roger Arcara, has always been called "the railroad before its time".
Owned by the New Haven and partially providing local service along the Northeast Corridor Line (such as Westchester Avenue Station) and partially on separate trackage to White Plains, it suffered the death of a thousand minor complications. It served NYC, but it was a rough walk at East 133 Street to the subway. It went to White Plains, but you could get there faster by New York Central directly from Grand Central. And on, and on. If you have ridden the 5 Line between East 180th Street and Dyre Avenue then you have been on the only remaining separate trackage of the NYW&B.
For quite a while, an exhibit at White Plains' "The Westchester" Mall told the story of the NYWB, whose White Plains terminal was on the site of the mall. There was even a custom model electric Stilwell car (yes Erie people, that Stilwell) to go with timetables, maps, and photos.
Sadly, when the mall was renovated in the mid 2010s, everything seems to have disappeared. So pictures of the memorial is about as close we can get at this point. We assumed it would always be there and were wrong, but then again likely so did those that built the NYWB.