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Webb Rail Interior, Babbling Brook/WEBX 800007

Webb Rail Interior, Babbling Brook/WEBX 800007

Don't forget about me! While Webb Rail's former Northern Pacific Railway Budd built Pullman dome/sleeper 313 (WEBX 801044) has been hogging most of the attention, former New York Central Railroad Budd built Pullman obs/diner/sleeper "Babbling Brook" (WEBX 800007) is a thing of beauty. A nice cleaning day at the end of our trip was a great occasion to get a few pics of our beautiful lounge.

We are departing on the Friday, July 31, 2020 on Amtrak Lake Shore Limited (48-31).

Chicago, Illinois DEP 2145 July 31, 2020
Albany-Rensselaer, New York ARR 1431 August 1, 2020

Due to social distancing requirements we will not be able to give tours on this trip, but we would love to wave back to you trackside and see all the pictures you take. Tag Webb Rail LLC - WEBX or drop us a DM.

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